Maruta’s black-glazed tableware includes large platters and small individual plates carefully crafted and fired individually in a wood dueled pottery kiln facing the Genkai-nada Sea in Karatsu. This specific tableware style is called Karatsuyaki which is only done in the Karatsu area. These particular dishes are all crafted by a skilled artisan who collects dirt locally and then refines it to procedure the clay which is then used to produce the tableware.

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Our staff are unable to accept reservations by phone during business hours so please use our online reservation system below.

《Weekday Wednesday to Friday》

《Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays》

All customers will be seated at a large banquet table and will dine “shared-plate” style by sharing the food served on large platters with other guests. 
Please note that we may be unable to accommodate seating requests.

Meals will commence for all guests at the same time and will be served in courses. 
If you are late for your reservation, you may miss the opportunity to enjoy an appetizer or other dishes.

Cancellation policy
We will contact you by phone or email to confirm your reservation.
For cancellation or changes, please call our restaurant or contact the following email address at least 2 business days before the reservation date. Customers who make reservations in groups of 10 people or more are requested to call our restaurant or contact the following email address at least 5 business days before the reservation date.

If you cancel later than above, a full course fee will be charged for each person.
Tel. 042-444-3511 (Telephone reservation hours: 13: 00 – 18: 00)
* Reservations by email are not accepted.

<Days we are closed>
We are generally closed on Monday and Tuesday with the exception of Japanese holidays in which we will be open for lunch/dinner, and we will be closed the days following after.

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