Maruta’s black-glazed tableware includes large platters and small individual plates carefully crafted and fired individually in a wood dueled pottery kiln facing the Genkai-nada Sea in Karatsu. This specific tableware style is called Karatsuyaki which is only done in the Karatsu area. These particular dishes are all crafted by a skilled artisan who collects dirt locally and then refines it to procedure the clay which is then used to produce the tableware.

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Saturdays and Sundays only

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Lunch: 11:30 a.m. Doors open

Dinner: 17:30 p.m. Doors open

Reservations are accepted up to 2 months in advance, and should be confirmed at least 3 days prior to your visit.

<Cancellation Policy>
Cancellations made within 48 hours prior will be charged in full.

Tel. 050-1720-7006 Hours for reservations via telephone: Thu,Fri 11:00-18:00, Mon 11:00-16:00

Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday


Our restaurant has its own edible garden called Jindaiji Garden.
During the summer, the garden is overgrown with herbs and plants, tickling the nose with a variety of aromas that can only be experienced during this season. We do not spray herbicides or insecticides, so insects can live in harmony with us. Especially from the rainy season to the end of autumn, insect bites are a given.
Although we have homemade insect repellent prepared, we recommend that you bring a jacket or something to wear to avoid exposing your skin.

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