Maruta, Announcing our new start

Maruta has decided to open its doors with a complete fresh start from this June onwards, taking into consideration the transformation COVID-19 has brought to our ways of living. We will start our day early together with sunrise, work on our backyard garden in the morning, prepare food during day time, and close orders around 1 hour before sunset, adopting the circadian rhythm, synced to the movement of the sun. There is free WiFi for your remote working. There is a tree canopy to sit under, and a naturally prepared homemade herbal drink on our menu while you connect to your online meeting. We also have a dish of roasted vegetables and herbs from nearby farms. We ask of you only, to agree to our temperature check and hand sanitizing rules. From this June, we will work even more closely with the community surrounding us and plan to hold workshops and events that provide “Prescriptions for Living”, under the theme of “Food and the Environment”. As a start, we plan to open a salon event, next month, inviting an herbal tea expert to learn about herbs and food. It’s a fresh start, and we are still figuring out what new things we can do, but holding our original concept since the opening, “Connecting through our Living” closer to our hearts, we want to bring hints and inspirations to your daily living, so please drop by and let us know how you felt staying with us.